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Tortola is much more than a holiday island, and the hotels of the archipelago reflect the variety of the destination, from quirky small hotels to bougainvillaea - guesthouses dressed up. The British Virgin Islands are the perfect antidote if you're not sure which of the best accommodations you'll find in Tortola. There are a number of relatively basic hotels near the docks, but there are not many high-end hotels on the island except for one or two luxury hotels.

So if you are getting large crowds, you should pay more for accommodation and remember that the best accommodation in Tortola is quickly booked up, especially during the peak holiday season. The peak travel season is the most popular time of year for travel to the British Virgin Islands, so expect to pay more for your accommodation unless there is a large crowd.

Charles told the travel agent that the destination averages 1,000 to 2,500 guests a day, with about half of the available accommodation in villas and the other half in hotels. The same goes for the villa stock, it takes time to reopen and cruise arrivals are currently roughly where the BVI was before the storm. The same applies to arrivals in March, the same month the hurricane raged and which is currently the most popular time to travel to the British Virgin Islands.

The landscape is lush and barren and there are a number of shipwrecks just off the coast, but Tortola is great for divers as it is a great place to explore the reefs, especially those that have been particularly frequented. Windstar Cruises was the first to cease operations in March and take over the operation of Virgin Gorda, the most popular tourist destination in the British Virgin Islands. The Northern Song of the Virgin Gordona has the largest sand dunes in the world and the largest coral reef system. It has a good mix of sandy beaches, rocky reefs and rocky cliffs and also offers a beautiful beach for surfers, which has gradually been populated by surfers.

Best of all, it is a private island, so you would expect its presumption, but there are excellent facilities to keep you entertained. This secluded location is tucked away in the corner of tiny Frenchmans Cay and there is also a relatively quiet spot surrounded by lush gardens. The calm and relaxed atmosphere feels like it is actually in a different world from what it actually is, and best of all, the fact that the island is not a "private island" with all the private island demands you would expect.

The restaurant and bar are great, which means you don't have to venture into the bay if you don't want to or don't want to. The fine gourmet restaurants, equally popular with guests on site, ensure that you never have to stay outside the property. If you prefer privacy and self-catering, you can browse the wide selection online.

Before - arrival and landing in the BVI it is obligatory For guests who have a certified travel insurance policy that includes comprehensive medical protection. Travellers must also complete an application form and apply for a BMI passport, as well as a valid passport, credit card and driving licence.

If an RT-PCR test is performed on the fourth day, all visitors arriving must be quarantined until they return to their docked ship. Anyone who tests positive on arrival must remain under quarantine for at least three days after arrival at the BVI. If they test positive, the government will not allow the visitor to leave until he or she has tested positive and will require a doctor and quarantine to be visited at an approved location for at least one day.

The Star Breeze will remain in the BVI until October, when she will travel via the Panama Canal to Colombia to continue the trans-Pacific journey to Tahiti. Windstar will use its watersports platform, which opens directly to the sea, to offer stand-up paddling, kayaking, snorkeling and paddling boarding as well as a variety of other activities. The Bitter End Yacht Club will open its marina in January, followed by a full resort in March, with a hotel, restaurant, bar, wellness, fitness centre and spa. The other two hotels, the Triton British Virgin Islands Hotel and the Wind Star Hotel, are more adventurous - focused.

The Bon Voyage 2020 sale, which began on December 16, includes selected trips for 2021 and 2022, including many options to Tahiti and the Caribbean. The program is paired with travel insurance, which gives you the flexibility to update your plans and create them without any fees if things change. If a guest cancels, they will receive a cancellation fee within 30 days of the end of the trip, regardless of whether they book or not.

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More About Tortola